You’re wasting time with web hosting. It should be as simple as you want it to be – and it shouldn’t dig into your profits.

This is the fundamental belief of CrapHOST. We call ourselves “Crap” because in a world where every company wants to bolster their appeal for sales, nobody seems to be telling the truth. We figured we’d do the same in name only.
Our hosting is simple:
1. Pay for your subscription
2. Design your site
3. ??? Profit

No confusing admin panels, no upsells, no guff, no schtick, no crap. How do we do it?

CrapHOST is a team of ONE.

The “we” in CrapHOST is one person and their skills. You get a dedicated professional who’s been in the business for years, and wants to see the world stop being taken advantage of just because they don’t have tons of money or knowledge about what it takes to get seen on the internet.

Despite the light hearted business name, CrapHOST truly wants to be a force of good in the world. So, pick a plan and get started on the best decision you’ll make all year.

45 Day Test Drive

Awesome for self-starters!

100% Free
1gb disk space
1gb traffic
2mb max file size uploads
Unlimited bandwidth
One-click WordPress installs
Import your existing site
Extend for just $2/month

Power Plan

Perfect for Individuals!

$9/month E-commerce
1 domain – Unlimited subdomains
Completely managed
Unlimited disk space
Unmetered traffic
Unlimited bandwidth
One-click software installs
Import your existing site
Additional domains for $4/month

Big Idea Plan

Best Deal!

Unlimited domains – Unlimited subdomains
Completely managed
Free Consultations
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
One-click software installs
Import your existing sites

Fast Facts

Percent of Small Businesses that started websites in 2020
Percent of Small Businesses that already have websites
Percent of Customers that have made purchases because of a website

You’re throwing away time and money for your dreams by working with anyone else.

GoDaddy has 8.5 million websites and 77 million domains hosted on 37,000 servers.
They averaged $148 in revenue per person in 2018. They oversell servers backed up with 21% of the world’s web traffic, and make you wait undetermined amounts of time to fix your problems.
What’s worse? They’ll even try to oversell you just to solve a problem you could have fixed yourself.

GoDaddy is not the only company like this, and there’s a sea of corporate monoliths waiting to poach your business and sell it at a premium to the highest bidder.

You don’t need to be upsold. You don’t need to pay for assistance that should be included in your costs.

And you should absolutely be trusting the people behind your website’s web presence. Stop choosing crap, and choose CrapHOST.

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